Mixed Media

13_Dolphin Whirl_18x12_graphite

Dolphin Whirl (graphite)

11_Wicker And Stuff & Folds And Things_18x24 & 14x18-graphite

Wicker and Stuff and Folds and Things (graphite)

08_Miscellaneous_18x12_colored pencil

Miscellaneous (colored pencil)

15_Self Port-North Of The Border_17x23_oil pastel on newspaper

Self Portrait – North of the Border (oil pastels on newspaper)

09_Night Phoenix_12x24_cut construction paper

Night Phoenix (construction paper)

14_Nairne s Correction_12x9_mixed media, ink on erasers, oil stained canvas

Nairne’s Correction (ink on erasers)

16_Self Port-Leave The Cutting To The Professionals_mixed media, wire, razor blades

Self Portrait – Leave the Cutting to the Professionals (wire and razors)


Aphorisms (graphite and ink)